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A tooth decays when the enamel has been damaged due to various reasons. This results in a cavity. There are different ways in which the tooth decays. But the damage is caused by bacteria living inside the mouth due to poor oral hygiene. The bacteria feed on the food particles left inside the mouth and thrive well on other kinds of foods and drinks. They release a kind of acid that is the cause of tooth decay.

Poor dental hygiene

dental careThe main reason for the decay is poor dental hygiene. It takes about seven years for the formation of cavities. So, most of the time they go unnoticed. The best way is to take preventive measures from a young age itself. Food containing carbohydrates are responsible for the damage greatly. Such food particles are left behind in between the teeth that are picked up by the bacteria and broken down. They release a type of acid responsible for the damages.

Accumulation of bacteria and plaque

Accumulation of bacteria and plaque is also a cause of tooth decay. Plaque is known to contain about 400 different types of bacteria. Plaque is formed when the food particles are not removed properly. When the number of bacteria is more, more amount of acid is released that can harm and attack the teeth. Slowly the acid starts to damage the tooth pulp as well. People who have diabetes are also prone to tooth decay. This is due to the changing levels of the blood sugar. Such people need to take some extra protection to keep their teeth and gums healthy. If you have the symptoms of this condition, then you have to contact a dentist immediately and get treated. Though there are no specific symptoms, you have to do regular dental checkups and take the necessary steps if you find cavities in your teeth. It can be easily cured in the initial stages than having to bear more pain and irritation in the later stages.

eat chocolateThe decay requires different kinds of treatment according to the severity. Some people may suffer from mild form while other may have severe decay. Almost every person will have experienced a hole in their tooth at least once in their life. This is usually the mild form where the dentist fills the holes and stops the condition from spreading. In the severe form, the patient may need to have a cap or a crown to protect the tooth after the root canal treatment. In root canal treatment the infected core is removed. The last option is to eliminate the tooth when it cannot be further treated.