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human growth hormone

How to Boost Growth Hormone Levels Naturally

For athletes who carry out hard and grueling workouts, growth hormone (hereinafter – GH) is the most important factor in achieving the desired results. Produced by the body, this substance repairs damaged muscle fibers, participates in muscle building, burns fat, improves metabolism, and speeds up overall recovery.

You can also opt for steroids that will boost you with this hormone. Zentec Pharmaceuticals is the number one site to Order Steroids in Canada. Although there is a natural limit to growth hormone levels, certain training methods and appropriate diets can stimulate and sustain increased GH production in the body for a long time. They include:

Less Rest

If you need togrowth hormone increase your GH production, you should shorten the rest a bit between sets. Research has found that resting for a minute or less increases GH levels, which in turn leads to greater muscle growth. Try hard workouts with minimal rest time to recover between sets (sets). The surge in GH over time will help you get used to the shorter rest.

High Volume Training

Workouts with a high volume of work performed lead to more muscle damage, and therefore an increase in muscle mass, which is directly related to the influence of GH. A 2003 study published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that study participants who were in good physical condition had higher GH levels when they performed more sets during strength training than those who did fewer sets. Try adding one set per exercise for a specific muscle group in your workout routine to create an instant boost in GH.

Use Glutamine

Glutamine boosts immunity, improves muscle recovery, and helps fight lactic acid build-up. But a specific study found that relatively minimal amounts of glutamine (2 grams) significantly increased growth hormone levels. To maintain high levels of glutamine (and thus growth hormone), you should take 5 grams of glutamine up to four times a day, best done before exercise and before bed.

Positive and Negative Phase

Another study published in the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that training focused on the concentric (positive) phase of movement when performing repetitions with weight leads to higher GH levels than when performing the eccentric (negative) phase of the repetition. However, when compared with relative exercise (higher when performing negative repetition), GH production was approximately the same. It can be concluded that to increase the level of GH in the concentric phase of the movement, it is better to “explode,” and in the negative to lower the weight slowly and under control.…