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Introduction to Vaping Concentrates


Vaporizer concentrates are highly-saturated concentrates of cannabis oil. This alternative to the conventional way of vaping cannabis is revolutionary. Unfortunately, like every other piece of revolutionary technology, there will always be a rocky road to overcome in the beginning with an even cluster of advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages include decreased amounts of tar, a small and easy to use a piece of equipment, and very little odor. Some disadvantages are the cost and quality of your equipment, risk of leakage with vape pens and cartridges, and the inefficiency of wax pens. Below is a more in-depth review of the disadvantages.

Cartridge Quality

vaporizerA common problem with pre-filled cartridges is the absence of a clear description of what the Vaping Concentrates are made from. The only clue customers get the color of the concentrate. Taste is also a big problem with pre-filled cartridges.

Again, the only clue customers get for what the concentrate might taste like is the color. Another obvious and common problem with using pre-filled cartridges is the cost they rake up over time. Using low-quality cartridges can have a dramatic effect on your vaping sessions.

Vape Pen Quality

It is important to pay attention to the quality of your vape pen. You want a pen that can provide you with vaping experiences in the long-term and at the same time, offer better quality vaping sessions. Most dispensaries provide tiny, cheap, plastic cartridges for generally disposable pens. The use of these cartridges is also starting to be linked with health problems mostly due to the plastic used in the cartridge.

While vape pens out perform wax pens with regards to the quality of the hit, the entire experience can change for the worse if you decide to use a low-quality cartridge with a low-quality pen.

The Transformation of Concentration to Vapor

A big problem arises when you consider the conversion from concentration to vapor. Using a wax pen and solid concentrate does not tend to end well. Regarding delivery, the vape pen comes ahead of the wax pen. A vape pen creates heat with a tiny battery with a series of small coils to deliver the contents of your cartridge while a wax pen uses a similar system but with higher voltage and higher temperatures.

The hit provided by a wax pen will usually be more rough and saturated because of the solid form that the concentrate comes in. The quality of your vaping concentrates does not change this either. You can have a high-quality concentrate and still have the same experience because of the process that the wax pen uses to deliver the hit.

The Revolutionary Part

vape partsYou can now preserve the regular benefits provided by a vape pen and even experience a few more. You now have the opportunity to choose whichever vaping concentrates you please and experiment with amazing juice tastes. The opportunity to create your e-liquid allows you to test and optimize your experiences. In just a few seconds, you can turn wax and other types of concentrates into your juices with great taste. Interestingly enough, you can find the suspension agent for the liquid used in the juicing process inside of asthma inhalers. You can avoid the use of wax pens and enjoy your favorite vape pen while having possibly the best personal vaping experience possible.…