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Best Tips When Selecting A Vaporizer

When you have finally decided, you would like to purchase a vaporizer. They’ are now many factors to consider before purchasing on pretty much like any other electronic. Factors like price, durability, warranty and portability are some of the factors to consider if you would like to but the vaporizer or not.

Below are some of the factors to consider when buying a vaporizer

Portable or desktop

types of vaporizerThis is the first decision you will have to make whether you want a desktop or portable vaporizer. If you require a vaporizer while from the get go then the portable on is preferred compared to the desktop on which is solely used for home purposes. Vaporizers perform both at home on the get go, and the functionality is the same whether portable or desktop vaporizer.

Desktop vaporizers

Desktop vaporizers have a longer battery life and bigger chambers as compared to the portable vaporizers which have a smaller house and a short battery life. If you enjoy using a vaporizer at home and sharing with friends, then a desktop vaporizer is preferred to go the portable vaporizer.
Portable vaporizes just allow the users to inhale using the mouth piece, unlike the desktop vaporizer which has many inhalation methods; water-pipe extensions, whips, and balloons.

Heating method

Conduction and convection are the two hearting methods used by a vaporizer. The convention is heat transfer through air particles while conduction is the transfer of heat through direct contact. As much as the convention is considered as the superior method to conduction, it is also the on method that is harder to achieve and also an expensive option. Conduction is the most preferred method for portable vaporizers than the desktop vaporizers. The only risk with conduction as a method of heat is that it runs the danger of burning the substance (material) instead of vaporizing the material itself. Conduction also brings about uneven heating making you stir the stuff every once in a while.

Temperature control

different colors of vaporizerSome vaporizers let you set the temperature, and some vaporizers control the temperature on their own. Vaporizing marijuana takes place between one hundred and ninety degrees to two hundred and ten degrees Celsius. Vaporizers that offer temperature control come in the following forms digital display, an adjustable knob and a range of presets. The digital vaporizer is the most looked after vaporizer because you can be precise about setting the operating temperature. Moreover, the vaporizers are all useful and set consistent temperatures each time. Temperature control allows you to target individual ingredients as they are being released i.e. marijuana or cannabinoids.…